The Willi Hennig Society

Twelfth International workshop in Phylogenetic Methods

Willi Hennig Society

23 - 27 May,  2011.

Instituto de Ecologia, AC.
Xalapa, Ver (México).



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  Willi Hennig Society

Xalapa and jalapeños

The Willi Hennig Society (WHS) has organized several international workshops on cladistics (Finland, Czech Republic, US). In Latin-America one has been offered in Argentina (2002) and two in Brazil (2008, 2010). This will be the first held in Mexico.

The workshop will be presented by a combination of at least four or five professors, all members of WHS.

The workshop will provide instruction on theory and methodological experience. It will allow participants with basic knowledge of phylogenetic methods to grasp advanced ideas and methods for the analysis of morphological and DNA sequence data.


Day 1: Introduction
* Logic and history of phylogenetics
* Optimization and tree search
* Ambiguity, Weighting, Support
* Using WinClada, Nona
* Advanced search strategy, TNT

Day 2: Morphology
* Morphological character coding
* Cladistic character coding
* More powerful searches
* Diagnosing troublesome results

Day 3: DNA sequences
* Handling DNA sequences (GenBank, Muscle)
* Alignment

Day 4: Dynamic Homology
* Dynamic homology
* Direct Optimization and Alignment

Day 5: Likelihood and Bayesian methods
* Model-based phylogenetics
* Model-based Exercises, Garli, MrBayes

This workshop is open to participants from Mexico, Latinamerican countries, but also to students from the US/Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. Essentially this is offered in substitution of the famous "OSU workshop on phylogenetic methods", which no longer will be offered there. Lectures will be in English. It is expected that participating students are familiar with basic phylogenetic methods.

Cost for students is US$300, and for non students is US$400. This only includes registration fee. It does not include transportation, accommodations or food. 

A limited number of Fellowships will be offered by the WHS on a competitive basis. WHS Fellowships will cover registration fee. Enrollees will be responsible for cost of transportation, accommodation, and meals. 

The workshop will be limited to 25 participants. Complete applications will be evaluated competitively by an ad hoc committee. Applicants will receive notifications by email on the status of their application. Registration will be open only for accepted participants.

Computers and software:
Software for the practicals will be distribued on a CD. The software will include WinClada, Encino, Mesquite, TNT, PAUP*, Clustal, POY, RaxML, GARLI, and MrBayes. Some programs are exclusively for Windows, or Macintosh. Other programs are available in versions for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Each participant will need a PC Windows and a Mac. 

In the Computer Room there will be available 10 PCs with Windows for participants to use. Also we will have 15-20 Macs (MacBook Pro 13", rented ex profeso). We will appreciate to be informed in advance. In the "Application form", each participant should indicate if he/she needs to reserve a computer (PC and/or Mac) from the Computer Room, or if will bring your own personal equipment (PC, Mac, o both) for the week.  Optionally, if a participant has only a Macintosh, it may be convenient to install Windows (XP or Vista) on the Mac under VMWare Fusion or Parallels.

Locations of visitors to this page

Further information:
Notification of acceptance, course registration, and additional details of the course and travel advice will be posted later in this web site for the workshop.

Meanwhile, if you have any inquiry, please write me.

Dr. Efrain De Luna email
Workshop organizer.
Biodiversidad y Sistemática, INECOL
Xalapa, Ver. México.