The Willi Hennig Society

Twelfth International workshop in Phylogenetic Methods

INECOL, XalapaWilli Hennig Society

23 - 27 May,  2011.

Instituto de Ecologia, AC.
Xalapa, Ver (México).



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23 May, 2011: Announcement # 14

Succesfull start of the workshop! There is already a Gallery under construction here".

Efrain De Luna


18 May, 2011: Announcement # 13

References are available for download "here".

Efrain De Luna


16 May, 2011: Announcement # 12

The Program for the week has been updated. Please check it  "here"

Efrain De Luna


11 May, 2011: Announcement # 11

An email has been sent May 9 with a list of software files to be installed in your computer. In case you missed it, check the new "software" page on this site.

Efrain De Luna


29 April, 2011: Announcement # 10

An email has been sent April 28 asking for a photograph for a list of participants, for which there is a new link on the left.

 Thanks for your promt response! 

Efrain De Luna


13 April, 2011: Announcement # 9

Registration on line of accepted participants  is almost complete. Thanks!
An email with updates on computers, welcome reception, and group dinner has been sent April 12. If you did not receive it, please email me.

Efrain De Luna


26 March, 2011: Announcement # 8

Everybody offered admision has accepted. Now please proceed to Registration on line. Instructions for this are HERE. Also you may want to go ahead with your room reservation. Suggested Hotels are listed HERE

Efrain De Luna


20 March, 2011: Announcement # 7
I have posted updated information on Registration, Hotels and Restaurants. 

Efrain De Luna


18 March, 2011: Announcement # 6
Today I sent emails to 25 accepted participants. The list has been posted on line. If your name is listed but you have not received my email, please contact me.

Efrain De Luna

14 March, 2011: Announcement # 5
The Admissions Comittee is still reviewing complete applications. 

Efrain De Luna

7 March, 2011: Announcement # 4
Applications were closed.  We received 54 complete applications. Thanks.
Names are listed here.  An Admissions Comittee will review complete applications this week.

Efrain De Luna

23 February, 2011: Announcement # 3
Still receiving Applications. Deadline coming up this March 4.
If you already sent your application, make sure your name is listed here. Otherwise, let me know by email.

Efrain De Luna

3 December, 2010: Announcement # 2
Applications are now open.
Web site for the course is online.
More ....

22 November, 2010: Announcement # 1
I am glad to announce dates for the WHS workshop in Xalapa (México).
This course will be possible thanks to the support from INECOL and WHS.
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