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Twelfth International workshop in Phylogenetic Methods

Willi Hennig Society

23 - 27 May,  2011.

Instituto de Ecologia, AC.
Xalapa, Ver (México).



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Xalapa and jalapeños

Do you need a visa?:
Probably yes.
Here is the web site of the Mexican goverment with a listing of:

International travel:
Three options for entry airports: Veracruz, Puebla or anyone from Guadalajara, Monterrey, or Cancun.

As first option, consider booking your international flight directly to Veracruz City. This is the airport closest to Xalapa (ca 80 km, about 1 hour, 15 mins).
This web site contains information about Veracruz International Airport (IATA CODE: VER). Also check this other site.

Most international flights from the US, Canada & Europe arrive at Mexico City Airport. Also check for flights into Toluca (IATA CODE: TLC). From either airport you connect by domestic flight to Veracruz.
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But if you want to avoid Mexico City airport, there is a second option. Check for international flights arriving at Puebla
At the airport, take a taxi to the bus terminal CAPU located in downtown Puebla.
A  bus ride (ca us$25, three hours) will take you to the bus station CAXA in Xalapa. Taxis there will take you to your hotel.

Guadalajara, Monterrey or Cancun
Or, in some cases, you will get a better deal for international flights if you enter Mexico by way of:

Guadalajara (Jalisco) in the west (IATA CODE: GDL),
Monterrey (Nuevo León) in the north (IATA CODE: MTY),
Cancun in the east (IATA CODE: CUN)

From any of these three airports there are connecting domestic flights to Veracruz City Airport (IATA CODE: VER). It is too far to consider the trip to Xalapa by bus. But if you have 20 hours or so, go ahead.

Local travel:

From Veracruz International Airport to Xalapa:

From the airport you have several options to get to Xalapa:

*Taxi direct to your hotel in Xalapa: ca us$60, one hour and 15 mins.

*Bus direct to Xalapa: ca us$20, one hour and 30 mins. Taxi  from the bus station CAXA to your hotel: ca us$3.

*Taxi to Veracruz bus station in downtown: ca us$6, 20 mins. Bus from Veracruz to bus terminal in Xalapa: ca us$6, one hour and 30 mins. Buses depart every 15-20 minutes by AU, ADO and ADO-GL. Make sure you buy a direct trip ("directo"), unless you want to ride a bus that stops in four-five little towns along the way.
In Xalapa, Taxi from bus terminal CAXA to your hotel: ca us$3.

From the Mexico City International Airport to Xalapa by bus:
You will need to transfer by taxi from the Airport to the bus terminal TAPO in Mexico City (about 20 minutes).

        *Bus direct to Xalapa: ca us $30, five hours.

Bus lines serving Xalapa are AU, ADO, ADO-GL, and ADO Platino. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance.
Check web sites for bus tickets to Xalapa (= Jalapa) by ADO GL or by ADO Platino. At the web site (Feb 2011) select the following options in dropdown menu under the section "Compra tu boleto" (Buy your ticket) at the left. Select option: "Mexico TAPO" as your departure point. Select "Jalapa, Ver" as your destination.
In Xalapa, Taxi from bus terminal CAXA to your hotel: ca us$3.

American Citizens Services Information for Travelers to Mexico
Information at the web site of the Embassy of the US in México.

Mexican Peso Daily Exchange Rates and Coversions.
Web site at for information only.

Local Contact:

Dr. Efrain De Luna email
Xalapa, Ver. México.