The Willi Hennig Society

Twelfth International workshop in Phylogenetic Methods

Willi Hennig Society

23 - 27 May,  2011.

Instituto de Ecologia, AC.
Xalapa, Ver (México).



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Notification of acceptance sent by email March 18. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for admission to the workshop.  

An admissions comittee (one WHS Council member, one member of the Comite Académico del Posgrado (INECOL), one member of the research staff (Biologia Evolutiva, INECOL), and one of the faculty for the workshop)  reviewed complete applications.

If you receive an "offer of admission", please notify us your acceptance, or declination. Your decision of acceptance should be based on a reasonable assurance that you will be able to meet the expenses of travel, hotel, and meals.  In case of international participants, you should also anticipate to fulfill any  visa requirements  for travel into Mexico.

In case of possible declinations, a waiting list might be established to offer admission until available spaces are filled.

If your name is listed here but have not received formal notification by email, please contact the Workshop local organizer.

Admitted participants:
e = eligible for exemption
F = WHS Fellowship awarded
a = offer of admission accepted
Name institution
research project status
Rodriguez A. Alexander (Univ. COSTA RICA). s systematics of Franklinella F, a
Guzman Dávalos Laura (Univ. de Guadalajara). Dr systematics of Gymnopilus F, a
Durán Barrón César G. (IB-UNAM). s systematics of Chrosiotes e, a
Becerra Hernández Cinthya Ivonne (INECOL). s systematics of Gyrothrix e, a
Víctor Rosas Luis Javier (ENCB-IPN). P systematics of Dendroctonus F, a
Ospina Garcés Sandra Milena (IB-UNAM). s systematics of Myotis e, a
Verdes Gorín Aida (Univ. Aut. Madrid, ESPAÑA). s systematics of Odontosyllis F, a
Dold Stephanie (Ohio State Univ. US). s systematics of Amblyomma F, a
Folk Ryan (Ohio State Univ. US). s systematics of Heuchera F, a
Martínez Aquino Andres (IB-UNAM). s systematics of Margotrema e, a
Paredes León Ricardo (IB-UNAM). s systematics of Pterygosomatidae e, a
Romero Pedro (Univ. Nal. Mayor de San Marcos, PERU) P systematics of Orthalicoidea F, a
Ramirez Marcia (FC-UNAM). s systematics of Megaluracarus e, a
Lara Cabrera Sabina (Univ. Michoacana). Dr systematics of Salvia F, a
Ramírez Jose Martín (INECOL). s systematics of Cribraria e, a
Jiménez Ferbans Larry Antonio (INECOL). s systematics of Passalini e, a
Peña Vázquez Hugo Alexandro (INECOL). s systematics of Diplotaxis e, a
Assis Leandro (Univ. São Paulo, BRAZIL). Dr systematics of Lauraceae F, a
Bedolla Garcia Brenda (Univ. Michoacana). s systematics of Calosphace F, a
Wegier Ana (IE-UNAM) s systematics of Gossypium e, a
Bolton Samuel (Ohio State Univ. US). s systematics of Alicorhagiidae F, a
Dos Santos Daniel (Univ. Nal. De Tucuman, ARGENTINA) s sympatry netwok analysis F, a
Casallas Reyes Adriana (INECOL). s systematics of Balanteodrilus e, a
López Contreras Jose E (CICY) s Systematics of Pithecellobium F, a
Jacob Machado Denis (Univ. São Paulo, BRAZIL). s systematics of Acanthobothrium F, a

List last updated:  25 March 2011

Further information:

Please contact me.

Dr. Efrain De Luna email
Workshop organizer.
Xalapa, Ver. México.