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What is TNT?

TNT stands for "Tree analysis using New Technology".  It is a program for phylogenetic analysis under parsimony (with very fast tree-searching algorithms; Nixon, 1999, Cladistics 15:407-406; Goloboff, 1999, Cladistics 15:407-428), as well as extensive tree handling and diagnosis capabilities.  It is a joint project by Pablo Goloboff, James Farris, and Kevin Nixon.


As of November 2007, the project was subsidized by the Willi Hennig Society, and thus the program is now made freely available, upon agreement on the terms of the License.  The license provided is a single-user license, and the most important requirements are that the program is not posted in other websites or mirrors, and that when publishing results you acknowledge having used the Willi Hennig Society edition of TNT and cite the paper describing the program (Goloboff et. al, 2008, in Cladistics)


Download files here (ZMUC server)



The main documentation is in the file tnt.htm, contained within all the packages (except zipchtnt.exe).  Recent additions or bugfixes are in the file BugFixes.htm, also within ziptnt.exe, tnt.tar.gz, and  On-line help on all TNT commands can be obtained with the help command.  A general description of the Windows version is in the file QuickTutorial.ppt (a PowerPoint presentation; this is probably the easiest way to get started).  The example files for scripting come in the self-extracting file zipdruns.exe, within ziptnt.exe; if you're interested, extract it under windows and then port it to linux or mac-os. 

Operating Systems


Win (menu interface)     

Win (charmode, bin only)







Linux64 (no taxon limit)


Keep in mind that freezes/crashes might occassionally occur, and save results frequently.  The program is intended only for strictly academic use, and is provided "as is," with no express or implied warranties.  Neither of the authors of TNT is responsible in any way for any problems the program causes to your computer, your data, your career, or your life. A copy of the license agreement can be found here.

Bug Reports

Bug reports are appreciated, but please keep in mind that a bug report, to be of any use, MUST include the version of TNT (including date), the complete data file, and all the commands necessary to show the bug (or, at least, the exact sequence of menu operations that consistently leads to a crash, freeze, or miscalculation. Send bug reports to Pablo (pablogolo at, with "tnt bug report" in the subject.

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This text is version Dic 31, 2007, of web page at the server